Home Improvements

If you have a home already built that you love but are looking to renovate or extend due to a change in lifestyle or circumstance, we can help. Adding value to your existing home through home improvements is a smart alternative and more cost effect over a complete relocation.

The New Wave Housing & Construction team aren’t just limited to starting a build from the beginning. We will handle the entire process of your home improvement from concept all the way through to completion of the project. We can do a complete redesign or refresh depending on your budget and objectives, making us the best choice for renovating your home.

We specialise in the latest, up-to-date designs, from bathrooms & kitchens through to carports and garages and we handle any type of home improvement that you may need, giving you a stunning design that you will love. We work closely with you to develop the design for your renovation so that you know exactly what to expect from our team. 

Click here to read a client testimonial on house lifting, where we elevated the original home to create a unique living space underneath. The size of the home increased offering more space for an expanding family.

What you thought was impossible could in fact be possible. Give the team at New Wave Housing a call who can help give you some direction to get started.